About Us

Our Company, which started its broadcasting life in 2014, carries out production of drone systems which carry out aerial service in the fields of private sector, agriculture, municipalities/public institutions, sivil search and rescue organizations, military institutions, police departments, cinema, television and show worlds, and activities of research & development, sales, project and consultancy activities. The main product concept is aerial imaging and special purpose robotic systems equipped with special purpose sensors and equipment with long flight time and long flight range.  

Our company, produces solutions by adapting the latest technological innovations in line with the demands and needs of its customers for jobs that standard products cannot do with the market, with a competitive attitude that follows the world's leading organizations and a vision that pushes the boundaries of today's technology.

We believe that success is a product of teamwork, that the work should be done fondly, that the details increase the quality, that quality and satisfaction of smiling are signs of customer satisfaction. We believe that teamwork carried out with love, perseverance and patience will overcome every difficulty; the result will be success; and success will not be left unrewarded.  

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