M6 WAYPOINT - Full HD  realtime video broadcast Autonomous Maps coordianted flight system

Price: $ 9540.00
Reference: D-0012

1.    Developed by Extreme RC Market. It provides map-coordinated mission flight thanks to computer controlled PC earth unit.  
2.    Coordinates and mission information is entered from earth station PC and instant image is monitored from 10" laptop PC,
3.    It can make even with 20km range thanks to its long flight capability (It may change according to wind and geographical conditions).
4.    Entre system can be mounted in 2 to 3 minutes, and it becomes ready for flight along with electronic control system within 5 minutes.
5.    The product can transfer image from 1.7km range.*(The range can be increased by changing hardware. The range values given       may vary according to signal pollution within the medium, rural / urban conditions and geographical conditions).
6.    It carries out its communication in real-time and as encoded thanks to digital video-earth station and high power and long-range digital commanded command-control station.
7.    It has "safety flight" feature which does not exist in other products (* it prevents pilot errors against falling-down  risk by chopping throttle instantly thanks to the button added to control system.)
8.    It maintains its position within air thanks to its GPS controlled flight feature. (*Max 20km/h).
9.    There is the feature of returning to home automatically in case of any signal interruptions. 
10.  In emergency situation, there is the feature of returning to home automatically by pressing a single button.
11.  It makes automatic home return and landing when it flies out of range. 
12.  It makes automatic home return and landing when control signal is interrupted for any reasons.
13.  It makes automatic home return and landing when battery decreases to critical level.
14.  It has ultra-light hybrid camera with 15x optic zoom feature produced for drones.  
15.  It has the feature of taking photograph in full HD format (1920x1080 video) and 12 Mp resolution.
16.   It has the feature of starting/stopping video recording while it is in the air.
This product which becomes different from similar products thanks to especially long flight period and zoom features have been preferred because of these features.
It saves full HD image it shoot/received on its own camera and it transfers the image it shoot to ground station (10” laptop computer or big-screen monitor/TV) instantly in Full HD format and the exact quality as lossless and parasite-free and thereby, it presents detailed. clear and uninterrupted aerial imaging.
It has been preferred intensively in search/rescue, intelligence, exploration, observation, industrial applications, research and general-purpose aerial shooting activities because of these features it owned.

Product dimensions while body is open: Width/Depth/Height : 82x82x23cm (From corner to corner 114cm)
Product dimensions while the body is folded : Width/Depth/Height : 29x72x18cm
Flight weight along with all equipment : 2625g
Dimensions of product packing (carrying bag) : Width/Depth/Height : 82 x 50 x 19cm (14kg)
Max. speed : 45km/h
Max. wind resistance : 25km/h (it is max. wind level where flight can be made)
Flight time : Max. 50 minutes with full weight.
*Flight time may show difference up to 10 minutes depending on severe wind conditions and usage manner. The period given is the motionless, fixed flight period measured in wind-free weather and by deactivating battery control. 
Power system: 4 units of maintenance-free, brush-free/lossless new-generation electric motor and 6S25V product-special battery are used
Radio Control system: Based on the preference, 433Mhz UHF(20km+) or 2.4Ghz(8Km+) long-range radio control system is used.
Video Transfer system : Video data transfer system which has ~1.7km range, 2.4Ghz high frequency and high band width is used.
*The distance values given may show differences depending on signal pollution within the medium, rural / urban conditions and geographical conditions. The range can extend up to 5km depending on suitable geographical conditions and equipment.
Operating temperature : -10 °C – +50 °C
Storage : Tempereture : -19 °C – +49 °C (Exclude batt), humidity : < 80%

Some equipment listed here may vary in color and model due to changing supply opportunities during production and delivery.
Delivery time after order: 45 days

Ground Control Station


Remote Control (Backup/Emergency control)

Caryying Case